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The dedicated and experienced team at Belmont Road Vet understand that it is never an easy decision to put your beloved pet under anaesthesia. Whether it is a routine, curative or an emergency procedure that your pet needs, our qualified staff will reassure you every step of the way, so you can make an informed and confident decision with regards to your pet’s treatment. You will meet the dedicated surgery nurse dealing with your pet in the morning on admission, get a follow up call with this same nurse in the afternoon to reassure you and let you know your cherished pet’s surgery has gone well. Depending on what sort of surgery your pet has had, you will either see the same surgery nurse for discharge or, in the case of more non-routine surgery, the same caring vet, ensuring both you and your pet that you are getting continuity of care by just one main member of the team.

Our team is able to perform a variety of procedures including (but not limited to):
• Desexings (spey’s and castrates)
• Wound management (cut pads, cat fight wounds, abscess’ etc.)

• Abdominal surgeries (bladder stone removal, retrieving ingested foreign objects from the guts, tumour removals etc.)

• Growth removal and biopsies

• Minor ophthalmic procedures
• Dentistry (please see extended information on this service in the dentistry tab)
• Orthopaedic surgeries (fractured bones, cruciate repair, patella surgery etc.)


At Belmont Road Vet, we use a premedication and anaesthetic agent which is personalised depending on your pet. As you can appreciate there is always an element of risk when this is involved, but we recommend the gold standard of care for your pet to minimize any risks. The gold standard has two key parts. Firstly, there are blood tests prior to the anaesthetic. These give us an overview of organ function, that are involved in the processing of our anaesthetic agents, as well as any potential signs of inflammation, anaemia or clotting concerns. The second part of the treatment is fluid therapy given via an intravenous catheter. Among many other benefits, this will keep your pet hydrated, keep its blood pressure at a manageable level and ensure rapid removal of the anaesthetic agent from your pet’s system. 

Whilst your pet is under anaesthesia they are constantly monitored by our qualified nurses along with the latest monitoring equipment. So you can be assured your pet is getting the best possible care whilst they are in for their procedure.


Pain Management

We want your pets to be as comfortable as possible when having surgery, so pain management is a primary focus for us. It can be detrimental for your pet if their pain is not managed well; it can cause behavioural changes, increase their interference with wounds, decrease their activity level and slow the healing process.
This is why at Belmont Road Vet our devoted vets always provide the best in pain management so both surgery and recovery are smooth for your pet.
The pain relief comes in many forms so we can find a form of administration that suits your animal. 

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