Dog Getting Groomed


Regular grooming is essential to keeping your pet happy and healthy, and our high quality grooming services ensure that your pet receives the best possible care. We understand that every breed requires something a little different, and our team can cater to all sizes and breeds at a high standard. We provide a variety of cuts and treatments while selecting grooming products that best suit each pet’s skin and coat needs. During their stay, we will ensure your pet is made comfortable with bedding, water and plenty of attention.


We offer a full grooming service from simple baths, brush-outs, coat stripping and tidy-ups to fully styled breed clips provided by our team of professional pet stylists. Your pet will look and feel great after their visit, and we ensure their skin and coat remain healthy. We can also provide hydrobaths and towel dry-off for a quick and easy way to keep their coat healthy and clean.

We recommend Puppy Clips to maintain your puppy’s coat until they are ready for an Adult Clip. Puppy Clips are also great for introducing your puppy to regular grooming and making grooming comfortable and familiar for the rest of their life.


In every grooming service, we include:


Check out our range of available grooming services below.
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Full Grooming


Choose the length you would like on your pet’s body, and we will style your pet’s face to suit (e.g. a teddy bear cut, moustache, mohawk).  We also do standard breed trims for breeds with a distinctive look (such as Westies, Schnauzers and Poodles).


  • Relaxing hydrobath and fluffy blow dry

  • Style and trim of coat

  • Tidy of delicate areas and paws

  • Ears cleaned, nails clipped

  • Finishing with a spray of perfume

Washing the Dog


Our regular tidy-up trim, perfect for keeping your pet's  coat short and clean. This is especially important if your pet has a heavy coat and/or is prone to getting messy!


  • Relaxing hydrobath and refreshing blow dry

  • Tidy of delicate areas, face and paws

  • Ears cleaned and nails clipped

  • Finishing with a spray of perfume



This treatment is ideal for double coated breeds (e.g. Husky, Border Collie, Golden Retriever or Pomeranian). It helps to keep them nice and cool in summer, but more importantly, it stops them from shedding so much hair in your house! Particularly useful if someone in your family is allergic to dog hair.


​​Your pet will feel clean and revitalized and your house will finally be hair-free!

  • Refreshing hand bath with special shampoo to loosen undercoat and fluffy blow dry

  • Strip out loose undercoat

  • Ears cleaned and nails clipped

  • Finishing with a spray of perfume

Dog Blower



  • Refreshing hand bath and fluffy blow dry/towel dry

  • Removing tangles from the coat

  • Clip nails and clean ears

  • Finishing with a spray of perfume